Effektri Gold Dog – Omega-3 + Nivelravinteet

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Effektri Omega-3 Dog on kehitetty helpottamaan arkeasi. Yksi tuote perheesi kaikenikäisille koirille. Voit valita Effektri Omega-3:n mm. huonokuntoiselle iholle ja turkille, nivelvaivoihin, palautumiseen, hormonaalisen tasapainon palauttamiseen ja ylläpitämiseen, kuiville ja halkeileville tassuille sekä atopialle.

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Why Effektri Gold for dogs?

Effektri Gold supports healthy joints, tissues, skin, and bones as your pet matures and grows old. The synergetic effect of the Effektri Gold oil and its ingredients, such as MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and the high absorption rate from small, dispersed droplets in Effektri oil makes Effektri Gold a unique product. Effektri Gold has a positive effect on your pet’s wellbeing and behavior by supporting healthy and happy aging.

Choose the right container size, use the convenient dosage sprout and drizzle the right amount for each family member.

  • For aging dogs to increase quality of life
  • To protect joints, tissue and bone structure, and to reduce inflammation in joint tissue
  • To support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, brains, sight and mood.
  • Paws are cracked and dry
  • Skin is itchy and dry
  • The fur is lifeless
  • Osteoarthritis
  • For active dogs to boost recovery
  • For bitches in their gestation period
  • In any cases of illness where you suspect inflammation as the cause
  • +100% natural and GMO free

Container sizes

Available in 500 ml and 1000 ml containers.

Weight of dog



1000 ml, 500 ml


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